Exhibition dates: August 18-24, 2023

Registration deadline: until August 15, 2023


Exhibition address:

Exhibition Hall of the Eurasian Art Union in the Shopping and Entertainment Center "Art Commune"

(Moscow, Kievskaya st., 2).


The long-awaited and unique event of the Art World

The exhibition is a large-scale forum uniting not only artists from Russia and the CIS countries, but also from foreign countries, including representatives from Europe and the Middle East.

"MODERN AVANT-GARDE" is a wide variety of art objects. In addition to the exhibition program, the project includes a series of master classes, creative and business meetings. International exhibition-competition of modern art "AVANT-GARDE TODAY" has a unique aura and a successful combination of creativity and business.


digital art




Section "Abstractions":

1) Abstract Expressionism
2) Suprematism
3) Biomorphic forms with geometric abstraction
4) Neoplasticism
5) Orphism
6) Rayonisme
7) Dadaism
8) Abstract Symbolism
9) Futuristic Abstraction
10) Tachisme


Section "Concepts":


1) Avant-Garde
2) Modernism
3) Futurism
4) Neo-expressionism
5) Impressionism
6) Pop Art and Neo-Pop Art
7) Conceptualism
8) Constructivism

Section "Mystifications":

1) Surrealism
2) Fantasy Art (dark art, fantasy, horror)
3) Visionary art
4) Esoteric Picture
5) Cosmism
6) Naive Art