dates: October 2-8, 2022
registration deadline: September 29, 2022 

The long-awaited and unique event of the Art World

The exhibition is a large-scale forum uniting not only artists from Russia and the CIS countries, but also from foreign countries, including representatives from Europe and the Middle East.

"MODERN AVANT-GARDE" is a wide variety of art objects. In addition to the exhibition program, the project includes a series of master classes, creative and business meetings. International exhibition-competition of modern art "AVANT-GARDE TODAY" has a unique aura and a successful combination of creativity and business.


digital art




Section "Abstractions":

1) Abstract Expressionism
2) Suprematism
3) Biomorphic forms with geometric abstraction
4) Neoplasticism
5) Orphism
6) Rayonisme
7) Dadaism
8) Abstract Symbolism
9) Futuristic Abstraction
10) Tachisme


Section "Concepts":


1) Avant-Garde
2) Modernism
3) Futurism
4) Neo-expressionism
5) Impressionism
6) Pop Art and Neo-Pop Art
7) Conceptualism
8) Constructivism

Section "Mystifications":

1) Surrealism
2) Fantasy Art (dark art, fantasy, horror)
3) Visionary art
4) Esoteric Picture
5) Cosmism
6) Naive Art



1) prepare photos in electronic form (.JPG, .TIF, up to 20 MB);

2) upload them on or on,
copy and save the links received (the links are necessary for the registration form);

3) fill in the registration form.

The organizing committee will receive your application, check for compliance with the project and send a link to the payment of the organizational contribution.